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The battle for Gotania

Legend has it that the ancestors of the Goths arrived in Gothiscandza centuries ago. Led by their king Berig, who ruled the Gothic Amali tribe from mythical Scandza, the Goths disembarked from their three ships at the mouth of the Viskla (Vistula) to find shelter and create a new homeland. Unfortunately, several generations later when king Filimer, son of Gadarig, ruled Gothiscandza, a violent, bloody conflict broke out. As a result, some Goths left the recently conquered lands and set off for Oium to give rise to another powerful barbaric kingdom. Some of them, however, secretly went to explore the lands in the far south. They sent their scouts to choose the best place for a new settlement. Right behind them another wave of military and cultural expansion set off. The members of the expedition reached unusually fertile land between two rivers. And here, halfway between the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea, they set up a new country called Gotania. However, some of their brothers set off for a new region called Oium to build their kingdom in the neighbourhood of the ancient world...

...and here, part of the real history of the migration of the Goths to the Black Sea comes to an end... but history could have taken a different course...


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