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Goths' Village Association of Masłomęcz visit in Romania, Constanta


During 15th and 18th of August, Goth’s Village Association of Masłomęcz was invited to attend the second edition of the Tomis Ancient Festival in Constanta, a Festival celebrating the ancient roots of the modern times, together with other reenacting associations from Bulgaria, Poland and Romania.

At this year’s edition over 11.000 visitors had the opportunity to experience life, crafts and battles as they took place 2000 years before, all being brought to live by the members of the historical re-enacting associations. Goth’s Village Association of Masłomęcz had the opportunity to become the first Polish reenactment association to revive ancient history in Constanta, Romania.

Also, in order to discover the historical and cultural objectives of Constanta, the organizers together with the National Tourism Authority in Romania prepared an info –tour for the foreign association members, including visits to museums in Constanta – Romanian Navy Museum, History and Archaeology Museum (http://museum.ici.ro/dobrogea/english/), Folk Art Museum and the Natural Science Museum (http://www.delfinariu.ro/en).

The info-tour also included a visit to the Histria archeological site (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Histria_(ancient_city) - Histria is considered to be the oldest urban settlement on Romanian territory) and to Tropaeum Traiani monument from Adamclisi (built in 109 in the Moesia Inferior, to commemorate Roman Emperor Trajan's victory over the Dacians http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tropaeum_Traiani). The final visit was at Saint Andrew Monastery known as the apostle who Christianized the lands at the North of the Danube (http://www.romanianmonasteries.org/other-monasteries/dobrogea-monasteries/cave-st-apostle-andrew

Ancient Festival Tomi 2013 gallery

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