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Sunday, 04 July 2010 06:48


Aims and objectives – description of activity

The group reconstructing the everyday life in the Hrubieszów Basin between the 2nd and the 4th centuries AD was officially presented to the public in the middle of 2008. The existence and origins of this three-generation Gothic community from Masłomęcz aroused great public interest. No wonder, for it is the first group in the region, one of the few groups in Poland and, probably, the only group in the world to have made such an overnight decision to ensure that the cultural heritage of their closest neighbourhood be remembered.

At present, the group has about 30 members and interest in joining this Gothic community is still increasing.

The basic aim of the association is the popularisation of the cultural and historical heritage of the Hrubieszów region in Poland and abroad.

Educational activity – the Gothic group has its symbolic office in the Gothic hut in Masłomęcz. Members of the group have been carrying out educational activities by conducting theoretical and practical classes for children and young people. Knowledge of traditional crafts has been disseminated through archaeological workshops organised for numerous groups of students visiting Masłomęcz. The Goths, dressed according to the Gothic tradition and surrounded by everyday objects they made themselves, have been organising living history lessons, talking about the rich past of the region placing special emphasis on important archaeological achievements. Among their activities are occupational therapy workshops for disabled children. The Gothic group has also taken an active part in the organisation of archaeological knowledge competitions for primary and lower secondary school pupils from the Hrubieszów district. In 2008 the Goths helped in organising the Polish Nationwide Conference of Archaeology Students.

Promotional and entertainment activity – the Gothic hut in Masłomęcz, with a representative of the Gothic group, functions as a tourist information office. Visitors arriving in Masłomęcz obtain information about tourist attractions in the region and receive promotional materials and brochures. Since the news of the creation of the Gothic community in south-east Poland was spread, thousands of visitors have been arriving in Masłomęcz to meet the Goths. The village is the starting point of the tourist route called “The Trail of the Goths”. However, it is the activity conducted outside the Gothic hut that has special significance for the promotion of the region. The group from Masłomęcz has been invited to participate in mass events in the whole province and have presented their achievements to a wide audience. As it became recognised, it developed into an archaeological mark of the region, which more often was associated with the Goths and exceptional value of discoveries made here recently. Traditional handicraft products, especially copies of Gothic pottery and glass jewellery became almost a regional product. Cyclical archaeological events with traditional fight displays and re-enactments of Gothic customs have been attracting lots of tourists, and the sudden transformation of the inhabitants of a small village into a recognisable group of re-enactors of the old reality was discerned and widely commented upon.

Academic activity – projects realised in Masłomęcz under the banner of the Gothic group also included spectacular archaeological experiments. Especially valuable is the reconstruction of the process of firing vessels in an open hearth. The effects of these works were presented during academic conferences and in thematic literature. The activity conducted by the Goths in Masłomęcz also includes organisation of academic lectures in cooperation with the Institute of Archaelogy of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin and the Rev. Stanisław Staszic Museum in Hrubieszów.

Economic activity – the increasing interest in archaeology in the region resulted in new initiatives leading to the expansion of the tourist and catering infrastructure. Promising perspectives of the further development of the Goths’ Village also made investors more trusting. Thanks to the exceptional atmosphere surrounding the Hrubieszów archaeology it was possible to bring the exhibition of priceless artefacts from Homer’s Troy to the museum in Hrubieszów. This initiative was directly connected with the archaeological awareness of the inhabitants of the region and attracted the attention of the whole country. Hundreds of tourists visiting Hrubieszów to see the exhibition “Troy – the Dream of Heinrich Schliemann” chose the Gothic hut in Masłomęcz as their next place to visit. The offer is still being expanded and is becoming a commercial enterprise. Further development of the group is dependent on the constant inflow of the capital for the realisation of subsequent re-enactment projects. To help with this, a non-governmental organisation the “Goths’ Village” Masłomęcz Association was created.

The scope of the planned activity of the Association:

a) creation of historical re-enactment groups presenting the everyday life in different historical periods,

b) organisation of cyclical educational and tourist events and shows on the subject of archaeology,

c) participation in cyclical educational and tourist events on the subject of archaeology and history,

d) organisation of academic archaeological conferences, seminars, museum lectures, exhibitions, traditional crafts workshops for organised groups and individual visitors,

e) providing tourist service to groups visiting the Hrubieszów region,

f) improving skills through training courses and crafts workshops organised for the members of the Association,

g) the expansion and keeping of the infrastructure within the Goths’ Village,

h) active cooperation of the Association with local authorities, academic centres, museum and other non-governmental organisations within the scope of educational and exhibition undertakings connected with archaeology, history and tourism,

i) drawing up promotional materials.


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