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Sunday, 04 July 2010 03:55

MOROCZYN, Hrubieszów commune

Several dozen sites representing all the periods in the history of the Hrubieszów region were recorded in Moroczyn, among them, sites from the Stone Age, the times of the Piast Dynasty, and Kievan Rus. Only some sites were explored archaeologically, and one of the discoveries was a grave of the Strzyżów culture, containing a flint sickle. The most prominent find was a bi-ritual cemetery established by the Goths, where both cremation and inhumation (interment) were practised (site 25). The cemetery, dating from the first half of the 4th century AD, is situated on a small elevation in the Gąska valley. Excavations were conducted at the peak of the elevation and revealed five graves with cremated remains, and a small number of burnt bones in pits. At the bottom of one of the graves were skeletons of a boar, piglets and hares covered with burnt human remains. In two other graves two skeletons were found, one of which had been placed in a ritual boat, the bones displaying numerous pathological changes resulting from illnesses which attest to health problems and subsequent difficulties within the family. At the peak there was a trace of a post on which, most probably, an ancestral totem, or another identification marker, was placed in ancient times. The objects found in graves are very similar to those used by the Goths of the Sintana de Mureş culture located in what is now Moldova and Romania. This may suggest that the remains found in Moroczyn are those of a small group of refugees from the area of the Lower Danube, engulfed by the war with the Roman Empire (also referred to as ancestral conflicts)

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